Software designer

Job Description

For those who dream of a Dream Job

MagNews develops powerful marketing and analysis products. Our platform runs on hundreds of servers, handles millions of events per day and we need people up to the challenge to improve it.


Do you want to work from a beach in Polynesia? Do you prefer working from a cottage in the Canadian woods? Are you the type that prefers a loft in London? You could also choose Faenza, it’s a cool city! Wherever you want is fine for us!

We will give you the best training on the job to ease the beginning of our work together: you will be our guest at the HQ in Faenza, where you’ll find the most advanced tools and a team that pushes the envelope. The rest is up to you, right from your dream location.

The main role requires full collaboration in the design and development of our platform and constant commitment in the research of new solutions and functionalities.

    Keep up with the tech world of “how things are done” with a deep understanding of how and why things work
  • Produce quality software, taking advantage of the most advanced tools to automate unnecessary tasks and focus on real issues
  • Analyze and identify problems in large distributed systems
  • Follow and collaborate with the Open Source community
  • Dare to challenge the market by proposing alternatives to what is currently being offered


  • Wishing to work in a team and push own limits
  • Passion for Java technologies and innovation
  • Knowledge of Web technologies and SQL-based systems


  • Collaboration systems such as JIRA, Confluence or equivalent
    o Java Virtual Machine inner workings

In our team, there is room for everyone’s creativity and inclinations. We are active on these topics:

  • Web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, SOAP, REST)
  • Large-scale system design
  • Distributed system software (Apache Zookeeper, Apache Bookkeeper, RedHat Infinispan, Apache Ignite, QUARTZ, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, …)
  • Messaging systems (Message Oriented Middleware)
  • Real time management technologies for advertising, data transformation and content delivery
  • noSQL databases (Apache Hadoop/HBase)
  • User-Experience and Usability
  • Security technologies, and management of security

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