MTA Product Manager

Job Description

MagNews is the first Italian platform of Email Marketing and Marketing Automation. More than 550 customers rely on us to manage their digital strategies; 1,000 accounts, 10,000 users and 50 million emails sent per day: these are our numbers. Majordodo, BlazingCache and Email Success are just some of the international projects of which we are the catalysts.

We are seeking a MTA PRODUCT MANAGER for our Product & Care team.

You will have the task of managing the EmailSuccess MTA project and developing its customer base in terms of customer loyalty and revenue.


  • Product Management: Managing the EmailSuccess project according to customer demands and market analysis: from analysis and planning to testing and commissioning of production;
  • Customer Support: help desk support for customer requests, onboarding, updating of product documentation;
  • Pre-sales: support the EmailSuccess preliminary sales activities;
  • Marketing collaboration: collaborate on product promotion and maintain relationships with partners, resellers and influencers.

  • Be in the possession of a Degree in Computer Engineering or the like, or have equivalent professional experience;
  • Have experience in Project Management;
  • Have working knowledge of Linux / BSD, Scripting, Networking, DNS, SMTP;
  • Have experience with software / anti-spam technologies / email;
  • Be knowledgeable of authentication technologies (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, ARC, ...);
  • Be skilled in using deliverability technologies (ISP, RBL, whitelist, IP warmup, throttling ...);
  • Know how to program using JAVA, SQL and QA software processes;
  • Manage commercial relationships;
  • Know technical and business English;
  • Be a team worker;
  • Be a problem solver and determined to achieve results through the most appropriate solutions;
  • Be organized;
  • Have excellent analytical skills.

  • Experience in the management of mass email servers (MTA: PowerMTA, Momentum ...);
  • Experience with Big Data and Analytics analysing tools;
  • Knowledge related to web and email marketing, digital innovation.

Retribution and contract details will reflect the candidate’s professional experience and degree of technical expertise.

It doesn’t matter what your path has been, what matters is that you transmit passion, commitment and the desire to reach the top with us.