Corporate welfare

«Your job should be where your joy is».
In our case it is not a promise but a certainty because, at Diennea, commitment and passion daily progress in the same direction.

Live, work, enjoy!

Life and work are not separable factors; instead, they are one with what we are and what we do. And we at Diennea are aware of this because work is part of our life; hence, the importance of establishing positive and harmonious continuity on a daily basis.

The wellbeing of our employees is of central importance. This is why we offer each of them an occupational framework that can also improve the quality of their life. How? By optimising three primary factors in the company: time, space, family.


More flexibility regarding hours

The most appreciated benefit? Flexible management of your time.

Diennea offers its employees customised solutions that contemplate flexible hours and telecommuting to also work off site. A corporate approach designed to safeguard the wellbeing of employees without neglecting the need to belong and have a social life.

This makes the occupational setting a positive experience. It is also important to implement initiatives that create more leisure time for employees by offering services that distract them from ordinary activities. Hence Diennea has decided to sign agreements with: Optician, Gym, Hairdresser, Dietitian-Nutritionist


Enhance comfort in the professional environment.

Warm, modern and colourful. We consider care for the work environment a priority.

Almost everybody works in an open space, which offers more opportunities for interaction and communications. Wellness Balls placed in the offices encourage physical exercise and activity even when seated.

Lounge areas are extremely colourful, with comfortable seats for reading and conversation, a foosball table for those who wish to relax playing a game, and plants to purify the environment and improve the quality of air.

There is always some free fresh fruit for all employees. Then we organise corporate parties “Aperifamily” with the whole family, and also concerts. Yes, concerts. Otherwise how can we explain the presence of a grand piano in Diennea’s largest hall?


More focus on parenting.

Gender equality is a crucial founding factor of our ethics. Hence, we pay special attention to the need of both future and new mums, and also to that of future and new dads.  Because we consider parenting with a broader perspective that not only contemplates parental leave for women but also involves fathers and parents who wish to be more present in their children’s lives.

The personal story of Emiliana

When I was expecting my two twins, I was afraid of the moment when I would have had to stop working. The day came soon because I became bulky very early. Diennea found a solution for me. I was assigned a car with the legendary Guido who from Faenza came to pick me up in the small town where I live and brought me back in the evening. What can I say, I felt extremely flattered.
And fortunate. Without considering the fact that now, when required, I can resort to work by telecommuting.