Retention of data and information

Entity Description Retention time
Communication events Logs of events related to delivery recipients 545 days from delivery completion
Transactional messages sent Information and Statistical events related to transactional messages.

Note: message bodies are deleted immediately after sending, except for transactional messages sent with the option “messageRetention full” whose body is deleted together with the transactional message.

545 days
Completed plannings History of contact bookings managed via the optional “AdPlanner” module

Note: The plannings list and their related reports will remain available and searchable.

545 days
Workflow sessions Details of contact sessions within workflows created via the optional “Marketing Automation” module 365 days
Technical delivery data Technical data related to batch sendings 15 days after completion of delivery
Contact import files Files uploaded by users upon contact import 15 days
Data export files Files generated by the platform following a batch data export request 15 days
Detailed WebService logs Web service request detail logs 30 days
User activity logs Information related to the activityes of account users 180 days
User access logs Logs of platform logins by users 3650 days
Technical platform logs Logs kept for security and system analysis purposes 15 days
Platform web access logs Web event logs for security and system analysis purposes 3650 days
Content of email messages sent via MTA Content processed by, and passed through, the Mail Transfer Agent Up to 7 days
Logs of email sendings from the MTA Logs of email message sending events from the Mail Transfer Agent 180 days
Backup Backup and disaster recovery copies 15 to 60 days, depending on the type of service
Network service logs Logs of the servers providing web services Up to 180 days