About us

Technological and Creative Web enthusiasts who are especially ready to intercept change.

Digital and Value

Our work started along with the increasingly extensive use of the Web, when it seemed that the Web was only a “technical” matter. We developed MagNews, currently a landmark player in Italy for e-mail marketing and marketing automation.

Then we added value by developing strategic and project solutions to grow together with the opportunities daily offered by the Web. We have developed years of experience in the management of the greatest IT assets a company can have, namely contact.

All our Brand Awareness, Lead Generation and Engagement development projects that are strictly multi-channel start from contact, by making the most of it.

Today a team of 130 professionals can help you define your goals, design your digital strategy, provide the right tools for you to continue the work we organised together, either independently or with us. Would you like to try it?

Would you like to know more about us?

Our office in Faenza has a piano we play during lunch breaks. The Milan office has a classroom where hundreds of clients have participated in educational and training sessions over the years. All branches count our people who share a constant drive to improve. Find out what makes us a close-knit team.

1. Solutions

Our ideas for
your objectives

2. Open source

Our projects for the international community

3. Values

What we have in common and what we share


Our philosophy is to provide practical solutions. We start from your need, work on your goal and build a strategic project solution with a solid infrastructure that is scalable in time. We consider thought and execution are of the utmost importance. We want to provide quality solutions with a reliable timeline.


We started with technology but have always enhanced it with ideas. Innovation, intelligent and automated systems are the core factors to achieve the goal. However, let’s not forget that, to achieve consolidated and lasting success, we are always guided by people. Understanding the behaviour of Web users, improving their brand experience and seeking a way to engage them, this is our Diennea and will always be our future.