Docet is an online documentation manager for JavaEE Web applications.

Diennea engineering

Docet is an online documentation engine

Docet is an online documentation manager for JavaEE Web applications aiming at devising truly integrated online-help guides.

Web friendly

Documentation is written using an HTML-like language, so it is really simple to start writing documentation, you can use your existing tools. Docet will generate automatically a PDF version of your content without any special additional tool.


Docet is not a static file generator, but every access to documentation is handled on the server side: this way you can apply fine grained permissions to each content. Every page will be generated on the fly for the user and thus it can be personalized.


Docet can be easily integrated in your existing JavaEE web application. Your documentation will be compiled and pre-indexed at build time using a simple Maven Plugin and then served by your web application using the SDK.


Docet is under Apache 2 license.