Within our Diennea.

The genetic values of diennea are the values of all the people involved.

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About us

What brings us together

The values that inspire our culture come from the contributions of each one of us. We have translated them into 6 principles that inspire our organization and transferred them into an ethical code of conduct that we expect everyone to uphold at all times. If you are working with Diennea as a partner or supplier, you commit to adhering to our code of ethics.

Code of Ethics

The values that make our work wonderful

Customer Centricity

We always ensure the best service and the best possible solution in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, in order to meet the needs of our customers.



We carry out our work with competence, consistency and diligence, so that the knowledge of every individual is always in line with the evolution of our business.




We are firmly committed to fairness and credibility, which customers, the company and our colleagues can place their trust in every day.


We share a mutual trust that promotes the perfect synergy of skills, responding to the demands of increasingly complex projects thanks to the exchange of ideas and points of view.


We can step up our game thanks to a professional and emotional drive that comes from a complete integration between personal and business goals.

 Self Training


Our irrepressible inquisitiveness drives us to constantly improve and invest in knowledge.

Why choose Diennea

Here are three good reasons

Because Diennea supports your continuous professional development, with structured training initiatives in classroom activities and on-the-job training.

Because we offer a professional experience that can allow you to enhance all your skills, from the most technical to soft skills.

Because you will help to bring into fruition international projects, working together with professionals from all over Italy and the world.

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